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CUPA SANCY alkaline cyanide-free copper


CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY HE 4 is an innovative, weakly alkaline electrolyte based on phosphonates for the electrolytical deposition of bright copper layers.

The weakly alkaline pH-value of the electrolyte permits copper depositon on steel and zamac parts providing excellent throwing power and layer adherence. After copper plating follow-up plating with acid copper or nickel can be done directly. The electrolyte works stable at pH 8 – 9 and is free of strong chelating agents like NTA or EDTA.

CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY HE 4 is delivered as ready-to-use batch (CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY HE 4 Kupferbasis).

Replenishment being necessary by drag-out or consumption during operation is done with CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY HE 4 Kupferbasis.


CHEMOPUR SANCY 2023 is a highly effective, concentrated liquid brightening system for high-gloss zinc deposits from a cyanide-free alkaline zinc electrolyte based on potassium or sodium.

The cyanide-free alkaline zinc bath CHEMOPUR SANCY 2023 induces strong polarization in the high current density range due to its additives, leading to preferential zinc deposition in the lower current density areas.

It is characterized by excellent throwing power and nearly ideal metal distribution, producing stress-free, ductile zinc layers in both barrel and rack plating operations.

CHEMOPUR SANCY 2023 can be used on both sodium and potassium bases.

The resulting coatings are excellently suited for chromating and passivation. The proportion of complexing stabilizers in the bath is extremely low, leading to no disturbances in wastewater treatment.

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