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CHEMOPUR® products

CHEMOPUR® products

Specialty chemicals for metal surface finishing


Degreasing, acid pickling, activation

Zinc plating

acidic, alkaline cyanide-free zinc, cyanide zinc

Zinc alloys

Zn-Fe, Zn-Ni


blue, yellow, olive, black

Post-dipping / sealing

organic, inorganic

Electroless nickel

Sulfate based, middle and high phosphorus, chloride-based


for electroplated and electrolessly deposited layers

Copper plating

Acidic, alkaline cyanide-free, cyanide

Nickel plating

Matt-, Halbglanz-, Hochglanznickel

Chrome plating

Bright chrome (trivalent and hexavalent), hard chrome

Special products

for special problem solutions are available upon request.

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