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CHEMOPAS Chromations

CHEMOPAS Ni Transparent

The passivation CHEMOPAS Ni Transparent is used on electroplated zinc-nickel alloy layers. It creates a uniform transparent, hexavalent chromium-free protective layer with very good corrosion resistance.

CHEMOPAS Ni Transparent contains trivalent chromium compounds and fluorides.

The bath management is done with only one liquid additive.

To improve corrosion resistance, an additional seal or topcoat can be applied. We recommend the products from our CHEMPALA range for this purpose.


CHEMOPAS Ni Blue is a hexavalent chromium-free blue passivation for zinc-nickel alloy layers.

CHEMOPAS Ni Blue contains trivalent chromium compounds and cobalt.

Depending on the alloy composition, bluish to slightly iridescent conversion layers are produced.

A more uniform, glossier appearance is achieved by post-dipping in the seals or top coats from the CHEMPALA range. Additionally, the achievable corrosion protection is increased.


The passivation CHEMOPAS Ni Black is a hexavalent chromium-free black passivation for zinc-nickel.

CHEMOPAS Ni Black contains trivalent chromium compounds and fluorides. It does not contain cobalt or hexavalent chromium compounds.

On zinc-nickel alloy layers, it creates black, slightly iridescent passivation layers. The use of CHEMOPAS Ni Black is combined with a subsequent post-dip solution, organic seal, or top coat.

Chromations based on hexavalent chrome are no standard products in the portfolio of CHEMOPUR anymore. However, if you have such requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution together.

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