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CHEMONIL SEMIBRIGHT I process produces the first semi-bright layer of double nickel plating. Nickel deposits from this electrolyte are ductile, sulfur-free or contain only small amounts of sulphur (less than 0.005 % S) and can be nickel plated further without any intermediate treatment in CHEMONIL Glanznickel HL 07 UD.

The adhesion strength of nickel layers from CHEMONIL Glanznickel HL 07 UD on layers of CHEMONIL SEMIBRIGHT I is excellent.

The columnar structure of layers deposited by CHEMONIL SEMIBRIGHT I provides the empirical potential difference of at least 70 mV between semi-bright and bright nickel layer being required for a good corrosion protection.

Bright nickel CHEMONIL HL 07 UD

CHEMONIL HL 07 UD is a high-performance bright nickel process offering the following advantages:

  • High levelling
  • Lamellar structure
  • Main components are analysable
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Recyclable
  • System control via single components possible
  • High activity and thus good chrome plating ability

CHEMONIL HL 07 UD allows the reproducible setting of levelling and brightness within wide ranges by adjustment of dosage according to each requirement.

CHEMONIL HL 07 UD is especially suitable for all kinds of decorative and decorative-functional nickel plating, especially for direct nickel plating within the scope of multi layers, e. g. on copper or semi-bright nickel plated surfaces, on plating on plastics or double nickel.


CHEMONIL SATIN provides continuously matt, fine-grained nickel deposits. Even polished substrates can be nickel-plated almost non-reflecting. Deposited layers show good scratch and scuff resistance and the high surface activity provides a very good chrome-plating ability.

CHEMONIL SATIN can be used anywhere when a decorative, precious appearance is required.

Bright nickel CHEMONIL BF 23

CHEMONIL BF 23 process is a boric acid-free bright nickel plating method, which distinguishes itself from boric acid-containing electrolytes through the following properties:

  • Excellent thickness distribution
  • Brilliant gloss effect
  • Very good depth of gloss distribution
  • Highly leveling deposits
  • Very good ductility

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