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CHEMOFIT Pre-treatment

Soak Cleaner


CHEMOFIT AE-6 has been developed as a powerful alkaline cleaner specifically for effective cleaning of iron and steel at low temperatures ranging from 45-60°C. CHEMOFIT AE-6 is characterized by its reliable removal of stubborn contaminants such as hardening oils, encrusted oil residues, and drawing agents on metal surfaces.


CHEMOFIT AE-10 is an effective alkaline cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning steel and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the combination of sodium hydroxide, silicates, and phosphates, CHEMOFIT AE-10 reliably removes contaminants at temperatures above 60°C. It is ideally suited for the industrial cleaning of machine parts, tools, and other surfaces.

CHEMOFIT AE-4, as a highly alkaline dip cleaner in powder form, offers a cost-effective solution for removing oil, grease, and drawing agents from steel and iron surfaces. CHEMOFIT AE-4 represents an economical alternative to other cleaners, making it ideal for use in metal processing and finishing.

Effective high-concentration cleaner with very good dirt-dissolving properties for iron and steel. CHEMOFIT LECS contains no components that are difficult to degrade in wastewater treatment and is free from cyanides and harsh complexing agents. Due to its balanced surfactants, it has an excellent activating and cleaning effect on the metal surface.

Degreasers for aluminium and non-ferrous metals


CHEMOFIT ALU 16 is a mildly alkaline, silicate-free immersion cleaner for aluminum.

CHEMOFIT ALU 18 Liquid is a low-foaming liquid degreasing and phosphating agent based on alkali phosphonates for use in spray, immersion, and ultrasonic processes. CHEMOFIT ALU 18 Liquid is particularly suitable for cleaning and degreasing lightweight metals, iron, and steel. On iron and steel, CHEMOFIT ALU 18 Liquid produces a uniform layer of iron phosphate.
CHEMOFIT 2001/4 is a powdered, mildly alkaline, silicate-free immersion cleaner for removing grease and oil, as well as inorganic contaminants from non-ferrous metals, aluminum, and aluminum alloys.

Electrolytical degreasing


CHEMOFIT 0 100 K is a powdered, silicate-free, and highly alkaline cleaner for the electrolytic degreasing of iron, steel, copper, and copper alloys (brass). The degreasing effect can be further enhanced by adding CHEMOFIT E cleaner.

Combined Dip Cleaning & Electrolytic Degreasing


CHEMOFIT UNI 2005, as a powerful powder cleaner, effectively removes oils, greases, and drawing compounds from steel and iron surfaces. Thanks to its silicate-free formula, this highly alkaline product foams only slightly and is ideally suited for combination cleaning.


CHEMOFIT UNIVERSE is characterized as a versatile powder cleaner with excellent conductivity, making it ideal for cleaning iron and steel. This silicate-free product allows for foam-free cleaning, derusting, and color removal on iron and steel, as well as effective pickling of aluminum.


CHEMOFIT SIF 4 is a silicate-free, liquid concentrate used for electrolytic degreasing and soak cleaning of iron, steel, copper, and aluminum. Depending on the specific surfactant used, the degreaser operates either by emulsifying or demulsifying.


CHEMOFIT OAE is a powder detergent with a highly alkaline formula and silicate additive, particularly suitable for effective electrolytic cleaning of steel and iron. With the addition of a surfactant, this versatile product can also be used as a dip cleaner. CHEMOFIT OAE reliably removes oils, fats, and contaminants from metal surfaces.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

CHEMOFIT U SONIC 24 is a highly alkaline cleaner specifically designed for the ultrasonic cleaning of steel and iron parts in the industry. The concentrate works effectively at room temperature and reliably removes stubborn dirt. By combining it with ultrasound, even hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned.

Wetting agents

CHEMOFIT Demulsifying Wetting Agent

Demulsifying wetting agent for use in combination with degreasing products

CHEMOFIT Demulsifying Wetting Agent 2017

Demulsifying wetting agent for use in combination with degreasing products

CHEMOFIT Emulsifying Wetting Agent

Emulsifying wetting agent for use in combination with degreasing products

Acid pickling and pickling additives

CHEMOFIT Pickling Degreaser 05

Acid pickling additive for the economical and efficient removal of rust, scale or similar soil on iron and steel.

CHEMOFIT Pickling Activator

CHEMOFIT Pickling Activator is a fluoride containing product to increase the breakaway velocity of bigger oxide and scale layers in acid pickling baths based on hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid and for treatment of aluminium alloy surfaces in nitric acid.


CHEMOFIT PICKLING ACCELERATOR is a liquid, highly-concentrated and acid-resistant additive for use in hydrochloric acid pickling baths. It accelerates pickling especially of iron and steel parts being welded, afflicted with forge scale, oil coke and pigment soil.

Decapation / Activation


CHEMOPUR Dry Acid serves as activation of steel, non-ferrous metals, and zinc die-cast.
CHEMOPUR Dry Acid produces pure metal surfaces and increases the adhesive strength of subsequent metal coatings. Rust and light scale are removed.

CHEMOPUR Activation

Especially for activation / pickling of steel, copper and copper alloys, causes a light lightening and a good activation of the metal surface.


Liquid activation concentrate containing an inter-balanced combination of acids and salts being suitable for activation of nonferrous metals (even lead containing), zinc die cast, electroplated zinc layers and ferrous metals.
CHEMOFIT FLD can also be used as cathodic activation of material being hard to activate like chrome nickel steel, chrome steel or other high-alloy steel.

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