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CHEMPALA post-treatment


CHEMPALA 407 is a mildly alkaline corrosion protection system that significantly enhances the corrosion resistance of galvanized and passivated surfaces. The corrosion protection concentrate CHEMPALA 407 contains no complexing agents and is free from solvents and heavy metals.

Its very low application concentration and low operating temperature (20-25°C) make the system very economical to operate. The highly concentrated and extremely stable active ingredient combination allows for very short treatment times.


  • Uniform appearance
  • No droplet formation or drips
  • Thin layers
  • Abrasion-resistant, no transport damage
  • Highest corrosion protection
  • Drying at low temperatures
  • Integratable into any system technology

CHEMPALA 2017 is an organic-mineral-based sealant. It creates a transparent film with excellent corrosion protection on passivated zinc and zinc alloy layers. By multiple dipping with intermediate drying or increasing the concentration, higher film thicknesses can be achieved.

CHEMPALA 2017 layers can be easily removed in hot, alkaline cleaners.


An inorganic, silicate-based sealant that improves the corrosion protection of passivated zinc layers. It produces a uniform silver-glossy appearance, especially on blue-passivated parts. The CHEMPALA S working solution has low viscosity and creates a very thin film with excellent corrosion protection. CHEMPALA S is equally suitable for rack and barrel operation.


CHEMPALA W is a water-soluble, silicon-based inorganic sealant and can be used for rack and spray applications, as well as in dip-spin processes. CHEMPALA W contains no chromates or hydrogen in the dry layer that could diffuse into the base material. The layer is transparent.

CHEMPALA W can be used as a sealant for all passivations and zinc-zinc alloy layers.

CHEMPALA W achieves optimal properties in the layer thickness range of 0.5-2 μm and is therefore used for coating screws, nuts, other fasteners, etc.

CHEMPALA W contains no lubricants.


CHEMPALA WL additionally contains a suspension of high-molecular polymers in water to achieve defined friction values on screws according to automotive industry guidelines (VDA).


Aqueous concentrate of nanoscale SiO2 particles (<10 nm). CHEMPALA NANO creates layers of 0.1-1.0 μm, depending on concentration and application, which can significantly improve the corrosion protection of CHEMOPUR passivation systems on zinc and zinc alloy layers. CHEMPALA NANO is equally suitable for rack and barrel operation.


Tarnish protection for copper and other non-ferrous metals, such as brass. By dipping in a solution containing CHEMPALA Cu, both electroplated and pickled parts can be protected from corrosion. Parts dipped in CHEMPALA Cu tarnish less quickly and remain aesthetically pleasing.

The solderability of parts dipped in CHEMPALA Cu is not impaired.

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