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CHEMOCHROM bright chrome

Hexavalent and trivalent process

CHEMOCHROM 897 – Hexavalent chrome process

The decorative chrome process CHEMOCHROM 897 is the latest state of the art in hexavalent chrome plating.

CHEMOCHROM 897 offers the following advantages:

  • Highest possible throwing power
  • Suitable even for room temperature
  • Operation with liquid catalysts, thus suitable for all types of chromic acid
  • Suitable for low concentrations of chromic acid
  • Analytical control is not required, Hull cell tests only.
  • Non-sensitive against higher concentrations of trivalent chrome
  • Tolerant against chlorine impurities.
  • Easily understandable system, easily controllable.
  • Easy switching possibility from all systems on the market.
  • Low consumption costs.

As hexavalent chrome process CHEMOCHROM 897 is suitable for decorative chrome plating especially for parts of complicated geometrical shape.

The process is characterized by excellent throwing power, especially at temperatures of between 20 und 30 °C, so parts can be fixed tighter and plated at relatively low current densities. Thus surfaces of different dimension, especially in automatic plants, can be plated without modification of rectifier voltage.


CHEMOPUR Hexagon is a decorative, trivalent, electrolytically operated chromium process based on sulfate. Its appearance is comparable to a chrome surface deposited from hexavalent chrome electrolytes.

In addition, it offers exceptional throwing power with high-gloss coatings, easy handling, and high tolerance to metallic impurities.

CHEMOPUR Hexagon enables a reduction in disposal costs and decreases health and environmental risks compared to hexavalent chrome processes.

CHEMOPUR Hexagon Revolution

CHEMOPUR Hexagon Revolution is a trivalent chrome plating process for attractive, shiny chrome surfaces. CHEMOPUR Hexagon Revolution offers exceptional distribution and good tolerance to metal impurities with easy operability.


  • Exceptionally good distribution with shiny layers at thicknesses up to 0.38 µm.
  • Environmentally friendly – contains no carcinogenic hexavalent chromium.
  • Delivers appealing silver-white chrome layers.
  • Allows for mass coating of parts that are difficult to coat as rack goods.
  • Compatible with typical drum nickel equipment.
  • Superior to conventional drum chrome processes.
  • Chromium (VI)-free.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Simple wastewater treatment thanks to soft complexing agents.

CHEMOPUR Decotri is a decorative, environmentally friendly trivalent chromium process. The electroplating process CHEMOPUR Decotri offers exceptional distribution, enables comfortable working conditions, and shows good tolerance to metallic impurities.


  • Produces shiny chromium deposits with excellent distribution without the dangers associated with hexavalent chromium plating.
  • No “white wash” as the process is tolerant to power interruptions, avoiding matte deposits.
  • Improved rack utilization.
  • Uses special graphite anodes that eliminate sludge typically associated with hexavalent chromium plating.
  • Provides excellent coverage across all current densities.
  • The deposited chromium layer is micro-cracked, which leads to increased corrosion protection.
  • Suitable for outdoor applications.

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