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CHEMOPUR Special Products

Defoamer CHEMOPUR Entschäumer

The Defoamer CHEMOPUR Entschäumer W emulsion is a water-dilutable emulsion containing 10% active silicone defoaming agent. It offers the following advantages:

  • Immediate defoaming action
  • Long-lasting foam inhibition
  • Low addition rates
  • Quick and easy dispersion in foam systems
  • High stability within a pH range of 4 to 11
  • Foam control up to 100°C
  • Good compatibility with dye baths and surfactants

The particle size and particle size distribution of the emulsion are optimized to achieve excellent foam control (defoaming) and long-lasting foam prevention (anti-foam effect). New manufacturing processes ensure product consistency and effectiveness.


CHEMOPUR ZINKATBEIZE is a special zincate process for the pretreatment of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Unlike conventional zincate processes, CHEMOPUR ZINKATBEIZE produces uniformly thin, dense, and fine-grained zinc deposits with minimal etching of the aluminum surface. These deposition characteristics ensure maximum adhesion of subsequent metal coatings, including electroless nickel layers.


CHEMOPUR ZINKATBEIZE AUR is a cyanide-free zincate process for the pretreatment of aluminum and aluminum alloys before electroplating, particularly before electroless nickel plating.

CHEMOPUR ZINKATBEIZE AUR is also excellent for preparing aluminum castings and aluminum-silicon alloys for chemical nickel plating and hard chrome plating.

The zincate film provides improved adhesion on aluminum, ensuring excellent adhesion of subsequent coatings.

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