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Together into the Future: Our New Trainee as a Chemical Laboratory Technician

1. September 2023

We are delighted to welcome our new trainee as a chemical laboratory technician to the CHEMOPUR family!

Our apprentice has excelled in a demanding selection process against many competitors. With his keen interest in the natural sciences, his conscientiousness, and reliability, he fits perfectly into our dedicated team.

At CHEMOPUR, he will undergo a comprehensive 3.5-year training program according to the new training regulations that have been in effect since August 2020. During this time, he will acquire extensive practical skills and theoretical knowledge to independently conduct analyses, plan experiments, and evaluate results. A particular focus will be on acquiring digital competencies, which are indispensable in a modern laboratory.

We at CHEMOPUR are proud to have been providing high-quality training in galvanic and surface technology to young people for decades. With our expertise and experience, we aim to prepare our apprentice as best as possible for the challenges of professional life.

At the same time, we also benefit from the commitment and fresh ideas of our young talent. Only together can we develop innovative solutions for surface finishing and offer our customers the “perfect surface.”

We wish our new trainee a great start, much joy in learning and discovering, and a successful and fulfilling time at CHEMOPUR!

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